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Business Advice Videos

Welcome to Saturday Morning CEOís Business Advice Video Membership, your ultimate business tool helping you design, plan, build, and grow your business.

Follow your dream and be an Entrepreneur, or become an even better CEO. We will help you get there. At Saturday Morning CEO, we share strategies with you on how to turn your current business into an extraordinary and innovative company.

Saturday Morning CEO Advice Videos

Denis Nurmela is founder of Saturday Morning CEO and has over 30 years experience in hands-on business building and development. He has built businesses from the ground up since he was 9 years old and has established multi-million dollar revenues. He also is proud of his membership in the largest CEO peer advisory group in the world. Denis and other Saturday Morning CEO advisors know what works in the real business world and want to share it with you. His consulting portfolio includes small and medium size businesses that have followed his advice to reach unbelievable heights at lightning speeds.

This success is attributed to the years of experience rolling up his sleeves in his own companies, consulting with others and his in-depth understanding of theoretical business concepts that he has gained from his academic background in business administration. He holds bachelor and master degrees in leadership and organizational studies, and is a doctrinal candidate. Denis also teaches college business courses part time.

Imagine Denis Nurmela personally showing up in your business helping you discover a bunch of new tips and ideas at least twice a month and to help you see your business from a new vantage point. That is exactly what happens when you become a subscribed member of the program except that he arrives in video format.

Below are a few endorsement videos for the work Denis did facilitating corporate strategic planning meetings.

The Saturday Morning CEO philosophy is all about helping you to better focus on your business and reach the goals that you have set. Denis discussed in the book how you should have a 2 hour meeting, with a written agenda, each week to keep yourself on target with your goals.

Denis keeps a rigorous schedule co-hosting a successful business talk radio show on AM 1620, consulting with his business clients, researching doctrinal studies, and teaching business college classes part time. Because of his schedule it has been difficult to add new consulting clients or get him out to speak as much as he would like. We came up with the idea of a monthly membership program with video advice sent out at least twice a month.The topics covered in the videos are very pertinent to CEOs of companies with revenues below 10-million annually and they apply to new entrepreneurs.

Denis thought you would like to see a sample of the videos. This video below is a nine minute segment from a 30 minute video on interviewing tips. This is just a small sampling of what is in store for you once you enroll as a member of the Video Business Advice Program. He combines suggestions from his academic background and personal stories from his real-world experiences as a CEO and entrepreneur. You are also invited to email in suggestions on specific issues you would like us to touch on in the videos and we will do our best to answer your questions. Other members will benefit from what you suggest. Here is that short sample for you to watch.

It is very true that Denis has had great success, but he also has experienced disappointment and failures. As many others have said before, we usually learn more from our failures than from our successes. While learning from our own mistakes is eye opening, learning from others successes and slip-ups is even a smarter way. We have developed these video lessons especially with this purpose in mind so that you can avoid the pitfalls that many other businesses suffer through. It doesnít matter if you are in business to business activities, business to customer sales or even if you run a franchise business, we guarantee that these videos will make a world of difference in your business perspective.

At Saturday Morning CEO, we know that our purpose is to turn ordinary business owners into visionary leaders by providing them the required expertise, experience, and skills. Conventional wisdom tells us that these things require a lot of time. As we already know, time is something thatís a precious commodity for any business owner. This is something that we have taken utmost care of while designing our revolutionary video tutorials. Most of the videos are 15 to 30 minutes long, but are packed full of great information. We promise that if you follow our video lessons consistently, nobody can stop you. You want to be an Entrepreneur that has success or a CEO that is innovative. We know what tools you need to get there and are sharing them in the videos you will receive.

How much will this cost me?

Paying for a business consultant like Mr. Nurmela to come to your office a couple of times a month can become very costly. An experienced business coach may cost you $5,000 to $10,000 a year for frequent monthly visits.

It would not be wrong to say that this program is the most priceless and powerful tool for any business owner. No wonder, business owners who know Denis Nurmela, read his books or listen to any of his radio programs love these precious videos. When we proposed a subscription rate of $199, our existing clients could not hide their joy. However, we also know that there are business owners who are struggling financially but still want the benefit of a coach or mentor. Because there are some who are on a tight budget, you can subscribe directly through our site at a low subscription price of $99 per month.

Find out what others have said about the Saturday Morning Video Membership program. Watch this video and gain a special nugget of valuable information you can use right away.

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