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Menifee, CA 92584

About Saturday Morning CEO

How many times have you found yourself running on the hamster wheel of life and not building a strong vision of your long term goals, prioritizing family and personal desires and even feel like you are losing traction on the road to success?

Saturday Morning, while it is an actual moment in time, represents a time when work does not typically have expectations for you and family and personal interests are normally still in bed. However for some, Wednesday evenings at 10pm or Monday mornings at 4 am will suffice perfectly as their Saturday Morning.

Saturday Morning CEO and its associated entities hold strongly to the idea that everyone benefits from scheduling a personal strategic planning meeting once a week to keep on track with our life and business visions and to explore potential opportunities for the future. Many have tried planning alone, only to find themselves reduced to creating checklists, breaking down goals into action items and crossing off tasks as they are completed. The missing elements are focus and accountability.

Saturday Morning Foundation is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs, at-risk youth, active military and veterans to improve the economic situations of their communities through education and inspiration. This is accomplished through the Radio and Television shows, seminars and webinars. In 2014 special emphasis has been increased by our founder to teach at-risk youth through entrepreneurship seminars. There is a great need in our world for youth the step up and take charge of their lives and help serve their communities. Running a business that creates economic growth and employs others is a great way to accomplish this goal.

The Book... Saturday Morning CEO: How 2 hours a week will guarantee your business and personal success in any economy, was the foundation of opening up the secrets necessary to hold productive personal strategic planning meetings. The book is available on and can be ordered from any bookstore if it is not already on their shelves.

The Radio Show... Business owners, authors, speakers and business vendors are interviewed about how they are creating growth in their business and creating a balance with their personal life. The show is open to callers who have questions about starting/growing a business or how to balance personal and work life. If you have a question for the show you can call (747) 777-6236 at any time and leave a message with your question. Questions will be chosen based on show topics and time. You can ask your question live on the air too through a video link. Click here for more information.

The TV Show... The Saturday Morning Success TV Show shares the secrets of success in life, relationships and business. Guests who are very successful sit down and share how they acheived the success they now enjoy. Guest are celebrities, sports figures, performers, artists, entreneurs and others. Find out more by clicking here

About our Founder

denis nurmela

Mr. Denis Nurmela has experience as an entrepreneur and CEO including successful business startup, management and growth. He has experienced business failures and successes in the multi-million dollar annual revenue level. Mr. Nurmela has been a senior executive for high tech and medical corporations, has been a member of Vistage® the world’s largest CEO peer advisory membership organization, and continues to consult and coach other business leaders.

Mr. Nurmela is an accomplished writer, speaker and corporate trainer. He also holds bachelor and master degrees in leadership and organizational studies. He also teaches as a part-time college business professor.

Family and personal life is a big part of the Saturday Morning belief systems and is also an area Denis has ample experience. He and his wife, Cindy, have been married since 1988 with six children and grandchildren who keep increasing in numbers. They live in Southern California on a small farm of 5+ acres with fresh eggs every morning from their chickens, fruit from their orchard and vegetables from their garden. Denis enjoys squeezing in hammock time on the property whenever possible. He is active in his church and community. It is common to see him at city council or school board meetings and at the hospital serving as a volunteer chaplain.

Denis has a way of explaining business concepts, often dry, with fun and enthusiasm. He feels that life should be fun in all aspects, including our business life. He is a natural-born teacher and his students and audience members over the years have commented on how much they feel connected with him and his messages. Denis loves seeing the lights come on in the eyes of those he is teaching and feels that teaching is his way to give back to others all the blessings of experience and knowledge he has gained over 30+ years as a leader, teacher, father, husband and citizen.

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